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It's realy sticky on my fingers.
Mom and me blow bubbles.
Easter time.
Playground at Barkaby outlet.
Tilda got some huge balloons.
And I got the chicken pox just in time for new year...
Got this nice cd-player with microphones so I can sing. Here is me and granmom singing and dancing.
X-mas 2006. Got alot of presents.
The dynamic trio at the preschool. Tilda, Noel and Emil. Lucia time.
Baking gingerbread with grandmother
Flying for the first time.
Eating candy with all of my face...
Was at the butterfly house. But Tilda tought the small birds that was running around was the most fun...
Tilda balloon hunting every evening..
Playground at home with my friend Hanna.
Beach at Rödsjön
Back in Stockholm
Aunt Lena
Cousin Emma.
Trying out the new car.
Home at aunt Yvonne.
Beach at Lökenäs / Öland
Aunt Eva and her dog Telma.
Grandmother down on Öland.
Midsummer 2006
Midsummer 2006 in Bålsta
Driving the Chevy Van is the best!
We played some games.
Summer party with the kids at the day nursery.
Back at the swing.
Was hot that day, so alittle ice cream is a must.
DAMN horse, come and eat the flower...
Looking at the animals at 4H.
Tilda had about 4-5 hotdogs.
We had alittle BBQ on the playground.
Have to sleep. Tiger is always there.
Swing is still damn popular.
Playground outside Heron City.