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Born Tuesday 11 May 2004, time 19:34 at BB Stockholm.
Weight: 3265g
Length: ~47cm
Tildas 1 year birthday. All dressed up for the party.
Tildas 1 year birthday.
Tildas grandmother visit us a for a few days.
Sometimes she tries to play on her own. Even when the arcade isn´t on...
Always fun to have Tilda sitting on the arcade when I play, she is trying to take the small dudes in the games.
11 month old.

We borrowed a walking wagon.
10 month old.
9,5 month old.
Got two teeth now and four more is on it's way.
Sleeping hard.
About 9 month old, and still cute as hell.
Playing arcade is fun, if I just could reach over the damn edge...
6/1-2005 Standing with some help all by my self.
27/12-2004 Sitting all by my self.
I like this picture even tho it's out of focus.
Tilda got alot of presents.
First x-mas tree.
X-mas card that we sent out.
Dad putting strange noice's in my ears...
Yes, go out is fun!
Cars are better than dolls...
First try with carrot purée.

Not a success if you ask Tilda.
6 month old.

No dolls here...
5 month old.

Trying banana-porridge for the first time.
Go out side is fun.
The cute one.
Grabbing the feet is always fun...
First dress.
3 months old.
I like this picture, because she laughing so hard...
First bath. Belly button still black.
This is two days after when we came home from the maternity ward.