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Ride in the new car. In the Van...
Was at Millas place for a birthday party. Milla turned 4 years old.
Playing Puzzle Bobble 4 is fun!
Day after my fall out the bed. Bump is almost not visible any more.
Fell out of the bed and bumped my head.
New Year 2005-2006
Good morning...
X-mas 2005
Noodle time!
Tilda taking a bath with glowsticks. Realy nice and cosy effect when the bath is full with bubbles.

Two pink girls.

Tilda got the 3-day fever. Spotts all over her body...
Maby a golfer... ?
Running like crazy!
Tilda and Emma at my parents home.
Went down to Öland on my vacation. Tilda found a playground right away.
Tilda love to look at the hot air balloons in the evening. So here we are, balloon watching on the balcony.

Splashing in the rain water is not bad ether...
The swing is the best if you ask Tilda.
Tearing the place apart, but still happy.
Always happy. =)
Eating dinner on the balcony first time this year.
Tildas hat is not very large...
About 1 year and 2 months old.
It's not easy to be that tired.
Riding in the car is fun! If I can stay awake.
Eating by her self is not a greate idee... Well, if you want food everywhere it's ok...
I have no idee what she is thinking about.
The sun is strong to day.
Tilda inspecting my Commodore Plus 4

Tilda playing R-Type on the arcade - DivX Movie