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    Contact info in Swedish.
    CD-i 350

Portable CD-i - Got it with some games.

    Philips CD-i 220

    Panasonic Real 3DO
    PC Engine

    PC Engine Duo

When I got it, I also got some nice games to it.

    Turbo Grafx

Finaly I found one.

    Atari 2600 Jr


Been looking for this one a wild, now Im only missing the CD. Finaly I found it and got some nice games to it aswell. My favorite is Flashback.

    Jaguar CD

Not missing any more...


Also got the gun to it. A must for all the shooting games. =)


Got it with two guns and some games. Also got the cartridge that enables you to play all regions.

    Mega Drive

    Master System II

Got some games to it.

    Master System

First system I ever got... Sold it, and now I have it again...


Chiped with Aladdin, 80GB disk and all extra. =)
Use it as media center aswell.
    Playstation 2

    Game Cube

Also got a realy cool extra tool for this one. 5.6" TFT screen that you put ontop of the machine. Look below.
    Game Cube TFT Monitor

Super nice quality. I Like!
    Game Cube - Tales of Symphonia

Nice package with the GBA adapter.

    Nintendo 64


My favorit game is R-type.
    Virtual Boy


Got some games, but Im missing all the plastic cards that you put infront of the screen. The best game is the built in anyway.

Got hold of the Mine Storm overlay =)
    Vectrex Boxed

Got a new Vectrex boxed, complete with overlay and manuals and all the shite. =)

Made an small amination of my happyness. HIT ME!

There are some diffrances between the two Vextrex machines I have:
backside - opening screen / Mine Storm
    Vectrex Arcade Joystick

Had some parts over from one of my arcade, so I put together this arcade joystick for the Vectrex. Now when I know that it's working Im going to put everything in a nice box. Cant have it look like crap. Was abit tricky to get this to work. The Vectrex mix +5 V and -5 V with trim pots.

1 - Button 1
2 - Button 2
3 - Button 3
4 - Button 4
5 - X Direction / Horizontal Pot
6 - Y Direction / Vertical Pot
7 - +5 V
8 - Ground
9 - -5 V
    SNES Mouse

Saw it, had to get it.

    Donky Konga

For the Game Cube.

    Atari 2600 Track-Ball

For games like Centipede and Missile Command...

    Wico Command Controlll

Trackball for C=64 and Amiga

    Street Fighter Joystick for PS2
    NES Advantage Joystick

It's a must!

    Mega Drive Arcade Joystick

It's a must!

    Saturn Arcade Joystick

It's a must!

    Super Game Boy

So I can play my Game Boy games on the big screen.

    I want my games to look nice, so if I buy something that looks a bit used I try and clean it up.

I found this All Round Car Clean to be very useful.

    Had some problems getting my PC Engien Duo to start, but I never give up. So now it works fine again.

    Amiga 1200

    Amiga 600 HD

    Amiga CD32

    Amiga 3000

    Amiga 2000

I can see that my old Vic-20 sticker is still on there after 20 years...
    Commodore Amiga 500

My A500 got a switch so I can select kickstart 1.2 or 1.3.
    Commodore 128D

    Commodore SX-64

    Commodore 64

    Commodore Plus 4

    Atari 520ST

    SpectraVideo SV-328

    SpectraVideo SV-328

    SpectraVideo SV-801 Floppy Disk Controller

SpectraVideo SV-802 80 Collumn Board
    2 x SpectraVideo SV-902 Floppy Disk Drive's

    SpectraVideo SV-601 Super Expander


This console can actualy do more than Pong.


Pong clone...
    UNIVERSUM TV-Multispiel 2004

Pong clone...