Im trying to get a complete collection of games for this consoles.
  Virtual Boy Games  
Have / Missing Title   Comments
Have 3D Tetris Only cart
Have   Galactic Pinball  
Have   Golf  
Have Insmouse No Yakata  
Have Jack Bros.  
Have Mario Clash
Have   Mario's Tennis  
Have Nester's Funky Bowling  
Have   Panic Bomber  
Have   Red Alarm  
  SD Gundam Dimension War  
  Space Invaders Virtual Collection  
  Space Squash  
Have   Teleroboxer  
Have   V-Tetris  
Have   Vertical Force  
  Virtual Bowling  
Have   Virtual Boy Wario Land Only cart
  Virtual Fishing  
  Virtual Lab  
Have   Virtual League Baseball  
Have Waterworld
  Atari Jaguar Games  
Have / Missing Title   Comments
  Air Cars  
  Alien vs. Predator  
Have Atari Karts  
  Attack of the Mutant Penguins  
Have Baldies  
Have Battlemorph  
  BattleSphere Gold  
Have Blue Lightning  
  BrainDead 13  
  Breakout 2000  
Have   Brutal Sports Football  
Have   Bubsy: Fractured Furry Tails  
  Cannon Fodder  
Have   Checkered Flag  
Have   Club Drive Only cart
  Cybermorph (1 Meg)  
  Defender 2000  
  Double Dragon V  
  Dragon's Lair  
Have   Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story  
Have   Evolution: Dino Dudes  
  Fever Pitch Soccer  
  Fight for Life  
Have   Flashback   Only cart
  Flip Out  
  GORF Classic  
Have Highlander  
  Hover Strike  
  Hover Strike: Unconquered Lands  
  Hyper Force  
  International Sensible Soccer  
Have   Iron Soldier  
  Iron Soldier II  
  JagMIND: Bomb Squad  
  Kasumi Ninja  
  Memory Track  
Have   Missile Command 3D  
Have Myst  
  NBA Jam: Tournament Edition  
  Ocean Depths  
  Pinball Fantasies  
  Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure  
  Power Drive Rally  
  Primal Rage  
  Protector: Special Edition  
Have   Raiden   Only cart
Have Rayman Only cart
Have   Ruiner Pinball  
  Soccer Kid  
  Space Ace  
  Space War 2000  
  Speedster II  
  Super Burnout  
Have   Supercross 3D  
Have Syndicate  
Have   Tempest 2000  
Have Theme Park  
  Total Carnage  
  Towers II  
  Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy  
Have   Troy Aikman NFL Football  
  Ultra Vortek  
Have   Val d'Isere Skiing & Snowboarding   Only cart
  Vid Grid  
  White Men Can't Jump  
  Wolfenstein 3D  
  World Tour Racing  
  Zero 5  
Have   Zool 2   Only cart
Have / Missing Title   Comments
  3D Crazy Coaster  
  3D Narrow Escape  
Have   Armor... Attack  
Have   Art Master   Only cart
Have   Bedlam  
Have   Berzerk  
Have   Blitz!  
Have   Clean Sweep  
Have   Cosmic Chasm  
  Heads Up Action Soccer / Soccer Football  
Have   Fortress of Narzod  
Have   Hyper Chase  
Have   Melody Master   Only cart
  Minestorm II  
  Polar Rescue  
  Pole Position  
Have   Rip Off  
Have   Scramble  
Have   Solar Quest  
Have   Space Wars  
Have   Spike  
Have   Spinball / Flipper Pinball  
  Star Castle  
Have   Star Hawk  
Have   Star Trek / Star Ship  
Have   Web Wars / Web Warp