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    Contact info in Swedish.
    Sony - PSP - Chiped

This machine is asum! Got along with six games.

    Nintendo - DS

Well if it says Nintendo on the box I have to have one... Hope there comes some realy good games soon.

    Nintendo - Game Boy Advance SP

Traded some arcade PCBs for this one.

    Nintendo - Game Boy Advance.

Got the magnifyer and light to it aswell.

    Game Boy Color

    Game Boy Pocket

Slimer but with a larger screen that the Game Boy, still monocrome.
    Game Boy
    NeoGeo Pocket Color

    NeoGeo Pocket
    WonderSwan Color

    WonderSwan Color

Have to get some more games for this one. Now I only have one game and it's not in a language that I know...

I realy dont know if there are any diffrance betwine this and WonderSwan. They use the same games. Got two new games for them.

    Game Theory Admiral GTA

Takes Famicom cartridges and with an adapter it also takes NES games. =)

    Sega - Game Gear.

    Sega - Game Gear with the TV module.

Had to get one of thos. Picture is realy greate and not that hard to get in, that I tought it would be.
    Sega - Nomad

Portable Genesis/Mega Drive
    Atari - Lynx II

    PC Engine GT

It got built in calculator and calander + some more crap and also a touch screen.


Got 4 games to it. The Arkanoid look alike is the best one. But it's difficult as hell.

    Good Boy

A built in crapy brick game, but there is also cartridges to it and you can hock it up to your TV and play thos on there. If you play on the TV you can use the controles on the Good Boy or you can connect this Playstation 1 lookalike joystick.

    Super Vision

Alittle larger than a GameBoy, but with about the same graphics. With a tiltible screen.

    GBA Movie player

Had to test this one. It can play movies, MP3, ebooks, show pictures and play NES games. Got a 512MB CF card and a cardreader for the computer.

    EFA-Linker 256MB

Flash card for Nintendo Advance / SP

    M3 + Passkey + 1GB SD-RAM


    Vibrating Pulse Pak

Shake it baby...

    Coleco Datatek

1000 + 1 questions.
    MB - SIMON
    Parker Brothers - Merlin

A nice tabletop.

A nice tabletop.

Would like to get hold of all of this Coleco tabletops.
    Epoch Galaxy II

Had a friend that had one when I was a kid. Always wanted one.
    Grandstand Scramble

Just had to get it when I saw it. =)

When I was a kid a friend of my had one of this. I played it all the time. Wanted one for my self so badly. Found one, but now it's not that fun any more...
    Tiger - Lights Out

Acualy realy fun.
    Mini Wizard

Super Breakout
    Some Game & Watch copys that I got when I bought some other games on auctions...
    This was a misstake. I dont even like golf...