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Getting My First Acrades and Games.  

    Contact info in Swedish.
    So here we go down to Göteborg from Stockholm to get some arcades and games.
    Im very excited =)
    Stoped outside Scandinavium and waited for MoonWeed.
    Follow us!
    Now both me and my friend are realy excited.
    Stoped by this company called Adonbolagen, and there was the largest pile of destroyed wall cabbs I ever seen.
    Loaded about 200 PCB's
    MoonWeed think this is the best since sliced bread...
    Had to take a test run befor we loaded my Capcom machine.
    Well, that is on.
    Next stop to collect my NeoGeo Candy.
    Every thing loaded.
    Lots of PCB's
    About 12 large boxes of them...
    Moon had to take his 20 cigarett befor we had to head back home.
    And there is only 32 miles left.
    Finaly home, and have strugled with this large ass cabb. Could not get it through the front door, so I had to leave it in the stairs over night.
    Put all my NeoGeo MVS and CPS2 games in my play room.
    Some of the MVS titles.
    To get the DAMN Capcom inside I started to pick it in to peaces...
    My firend helped me out, but I think he had to do alittle Yoga first.
    This damn piece was har to remove, had to saw the wood "plugg" of and breake the glue.
    Monitor had to come out.
    Almost empty.
    Finaly we get the DAMN thing through the front door.

But I had made some bad measurements so after 3 doors cleard, the last door was 10 cm to narrow... DAMN IT!
    So I had to play some games instead.
    My GF did not think any of this was a to greate of an idee.
    OK, have to solve the problem. I have striped the cabb totaly and I have to gain another 10 cm to get it through the damn door.
    I saw out the inside shelfs because this will not show after I put everything back in place.
    Here is the cabb on the other side of the door. FINALY.

Now you can see the problem. The cabb is way to large to go through the door.
    Im missing the coin sensor thingie...
    Ready for use with NeoGeo Motherboards.
    Everything is back in place. =)
    Inside of my NeoGeo Candy.
    Compaird to the Candy this Capcom is a large MF...