Top Fuel Tour & more at Tullinge 10/8-2002

- 10.9 MB

- DivX 5.02

OK, I have a crapy digital still camera, so the result is ...
It's impossible to capture the asum sound that this mashines produce. You just have to be there to get it.

Curt and me is alike, we like big stuff that makes alot of noice. =)
Then this is the right place to be.
Some hard facts about the top fule cars.

* It have about 6000 horsepowers.
* It consumes 40 liters of nitrometan in one run.
* It does 0-100 Km/h in 0.7 seconds.
* The driver is exposed up to 7 G of force if both parachute open at the same time.
* If you drive in 180 Km/h and pass a dragster, it have runned passed you in less than 2 seconds.

The strip is 1/4 english mile - 402.33 meters.

Yellow monster. It's not one of the top fule cars, but it looks alot like one.
Yellow monster.
Yellow monster.
Yellow monster.
There are so many diffrent classes, and I dont know half of them. But this is one of the fast once.
Toy I guess. Well, it's sponsord by BRIO anyway.
Wohoo.. A BWM.
Think the put gas in the car, but they could make coffey...
Someone have to much time on there hands.
Yeah, a Volvo.
Yep, it's only the RPM's that count, forget the speed controle.
Im no expert but I think somethning is missing.
Top fule team. After each race they totaly tear down the car in molecules.

Dont know if Curt thinks that he is big or something, but he defenetly had to bring his phone to make a good comparison to the size.
Top fule backaxel.
One of the V8 piston.
Top of the engine.
Engine without top.
Top of the engine.
Was some asum bikes there aswell.
Custum I guess.
I have only one thing to say about this bike. It's Snorgrön!