A day at the strip in Tullinge - 15/6-2002

Bike race - Movie 1 - 3.7 MB - DivX
- More movie to come, I hope.

This is fun to look at when you are there!
The nice from some of the cars/bikes is asum!

You can find more info here!
I do remember that there was a sticker on the orange car that said something like this:

I bourt this car because I have old man's disease! =)
This day everyone had there chanse to test there hardware.
Have a look at this dudes blinkers to the right...
The strip
More bikes
Some "real" car ;)
And some Volvos...
And some Japanise once...
I guess he have a standing account at the local tireshop...
Yes, more of thos. I do like the sound of a big nice engine
Same bike that is in the movie (top of this page)
Warming up the tires...
Burn that rubber!
This is fun. In the middle of all this motorblockand and realy heavy stuff, I saw a thing that would fint nice in my computer. This dude that make the motorblocks and (yeah what ever) apperantly make watercoling blocks for your CPU aswell =)
Meeeee! I was damn hot that day, so I had to cover up so I dident get burned by the sun.