Truck 1:6 - First try - 2/8-2002

- 15.1 MB

- DivX 5.02

Well, new toys =)

My two friend that I normaly run Mini-Z with got them selfs this asum 1:6 trucks.
Damn, I have been wating on them to get them ready. But nooo, we have to paint them and jalla jalla....
This was the evening that is was going down. To bad that the company that makes RC cant drive them in. Now "we" had to take it easy on the machines just because of that...
The nice things about this trucks is that if you compete, all trucks have to have the same setup. So you cant spend all you money on options parts.
As you saw in this movie Hasse cant keep his truck on the wheels. It's like usual. =)
No nitro here, this is GAS 98 octane, with a little oil.
Kim defenetly wanted me to take an picture befor he smach the truck up totaly.
Yeah yeah.....
Got to have beer. Ummm..
Dont ask me, but the chairs are not there for the sun... I dont know if they was planing on going to the parkinglot to talk or drive?
Radio that they use.
There was this small stoned on the parkinglot so there geer have already got some turns...
Yes, thats a charger.