Lidingö Track Design

I get alot of mails about how the track that we race at is built. So now Im putting together this page for all you out there.

Our track have the size 7.32 x 3.60 meters
People must think that we use Nasa paint and super duper things. But it's not that special, sure it's alot of work that have to be put down, and Lidingös track is all thanks to Jimmys blood, sweat. and tears.
The guardrails is a plastic material that you buy in the hardwaer/building store. They come in big "plates" so you have to cut them down to the size you want them in. It's a very flexible material. To bend them "hard" apply some heat.
The curbs is made of plywood. Cut them out and sander them to get them smooth.
The grass is the same type of grass the train models guys use.

Ex. Woodland Scenics
The white blockt that hold the guardrails is nylon, but I guess you could use just about anything.
Normal paint.