Nitro Tour 1/10 Scale 2WD


To day I did something that I have wwanted to do for a long long time. I got my first "metanol"/nitro car. :)

It's supose to look like a Subaru Impreza.
This is the cassi whit out any paint.
DAMN it looks meen at this angle.
     This is the base plate whit out any weels or servo's.
     Another angle.
     DAMN IT!!!
This is the key that came along whit the box, that I was supose to screw on the weel nut's whit.
But the damn thing broke of. CRAP! So now I only have one wheel on half way. I got all my tools at a friends place, so there are not much I can do right now.
One liter. Should be fine for about 2.5 houers of driving.
     Had to get a new control as well. There was another one included in the deal, but I changed it to this one instead.
I allways had this other controles before, this once whit two "sticks", but I kind of like this one better.
     Servo controle box.
     One of the servo's.
     I know the Subaro "normaly" is blue, but I wanted something that no one eals has so I took red. Think it can be nice.
     This is Screw cement. I have put that under each screw, so thay want come of when I drive later on.

To day I started to work on the car again.
Masked the windows whit tape.
     Washed the inside whit YES, to take of all the fat.
     Cut out the cassie and the wing thats going to be at the baggage door (tail).

Got a new tool for the tires today.
     Pint job has dryed up.
     Still looking meen! Start picking of the window tape soon.
     Had to keep the cassi at the addict over night, becource my girl tought that it smell'ed to damn much. Dident help much saying that it smell'ed nice. :(
     Starting to remover the protective plastic.
     If you wounder I pinted it on the inside!
     OK, plastic is of.
     You should see it for your self. Umm umm ummm. DAMN!
     Total success. Nice and shiny
     This is all the decals that going to be all over the car.
     Had to get a new tool aswell. :) You can never have to many toys.
     To bad my girl dont feel the same way.

Problemas... DAMN IT! I never tought that it should be this hard to put this car together.
I was supose to drill a hole in the exhaust pipe. Lycky me I got this drill yesterday.
     So I started to drill this hole. They wanted me to use a drill whit the diameter of 2.9mm, yeah right. Like I had one of thos just lying around here. Anyway I tought that 2.5 or something like that would probly do just fine. Guess again. Becource in this hole there are going in a "thing" where you can hock up a hose/tube.
They also want me to make the [screw]thread. Once again, YEAH RIGHT. So Im kind of stuck right now.
     This is the thing that I was drilling up the hole for.
The plastic in the exhaust pipe is to damn hard, so I cant just screew it in. I need help right now.
     But I managed to get all the wheels on it now anyway. :)
I also got the servos in place. But I have no ide of what the normal possition should be. I probly find that out as I go along.

Something stroke me to day that I totlay missed. Im used to electric cars. Anyway, what I figured out that I feel kind of stupid saying is. There are no back, the car can only go forword.

Starting to get some of the decals on. It's damn hard to get them on nice. I tend to get bubbels under the big once. Espachaly if the surface is curved.

This is the "charger" for the "glowpin" (I have no ide what the enlish word is)

OK.. The thing is in place. I whent back to Wentzels Hobby and they helped me get it in place! :)

Had to get some filter spray. Damn messy to get all that in one place after I sprayed it whit oil.

The car is done! Finaly :)

Have not tryed it out yet, but I think we can solve that problem next weekend.

This is raly dumb! The air filter is hard to get at, and I have to use a "buntband" to keep it in place. This filter have to be cleaned every time after a run. I think they could have come up whit some better ide then that.

Top view. Have to do something about the tubing, right now they slide on the pin that controles the breaks, and that cant be good in the long run.

Put all the electronics in plasticbags so they want get all messed up when the oil and gas hits it.

I have to get a better camera, this one sucks.

OK. All the decals is in place.

Top view.

Had some problems whit the bigger decals, they tended to rynkel or bubble is they where over alot of bended surfaces.