Topor Cedric in Nice - Report #1

Got some new picture from my new friend down in Nice.
Topor AKA GeekZed have written all the text:

The race track is a Scalextrick RaceTrack in a garage in Nice.
32 meters long in total for a lap.
From what I heard the best record is 25 laps in 5 minutes.
The race track wasn't that wide, 50 cm wide may be, for 6 cars... racing at the same time it was pretty nasty at the beginning!
I got named "GeekZed" by my friend Magnus
There was mainly Mercedes hopped up cars. Racers liked to remain secret about their choice of hop ups. I had to tweak a lot my NSX to be able to compete... like getting rid of the front traffic light boxes underneath the body shell, and gettin' rid of the fin that touch everythin' that comes in its way... I didn't do it on purpose though!
There was no lap counter, all was done by hand. We got charged 10 euros for participating the atmosphere was very good! Some cars had lights and it was very nice! especially once stuck in the tunnel in a car wreck!!!!
Without ball bearings... Steph managed to rank third at the first qualifyin' round! Hurrah to him!!! His Subaru after the tunnel jumped over the little border and he shortcut one curve!
You can read more the stress on our faces than really somethin' else!
After the straight line, in the down hill curve, it was pretty hard to keep control... some people were using foam tyres... I was using 20 wide with home made design at the back and 30 shore with home made design at the front. The track was very aggressive for the tyres and also for the cars...