Kyosho M1A2 Abrams Mini Tank

Tank - Movie 1 - 0.78 MB - DivX
Tank - Movie 2 - 0.6 MB - DivX

Finaly got my tumb out my ass, and took some pictures of my tank.

Here is a direct link to Kyoshos tank page.
There are two "kinds" of tanks, this one runns on the 40 MHz band, but there are some that runns on 27 MHz.
Here are the two motors.
There are three models of color. This one and there are one plain green and one beige.
When you open the box there are some mounting, but it's optional. It work right out of the box, but the extra things is things like the gun's on top and the man sitting there and fule canns. A hock and a plow also follow.
The controler is not that advansed. The top once take each track forward, and the bottom once backward.