Stores in Stockholm - Sweden
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Wentzels Hobby
Regeringsgatan 25
Tel: 08-24 07 90
They could realy need a home page!
But they have alot of thing at home in there store and I like that!
They are always very helpful and thats a big +. Read more Here is a Map to find your way there.

Roffes modellflyg
Upplandsgatan 60
Tel: 08-33 30 44
It was my first time at Roffes to day. I have heard both good and bad about Roffes before I was there, so I did not know what to expect.
But I found it to be a nice place. They have alot of rockets and aircraft's, I have to look in to that abit more.
They was realy help full and they even broke open a bottel of silicon "shock fluid" for me. I did only need very little for the Roll Shock Kit that I got. So that was nice of them.
I dont know what I should say about the webpage they have, but I guess it's better than no one at all. Read more Here is a Map to find your way there.

Häradsvägen 119
Tel: 08-774 84 84
OK, now I finaly have been in there stoor. It's nice and very organiced store with planty of space. Alot of cars in the stoor that you can look at and drool over. Specaly the 1:5 cars.
They also have some HPI cars on the shelf like my Micro RS4.
Only minus that I can find is that it's out in the bush.
Here is a Map to find your way there.

Grade is from 1-10. And NO this list is not finished! More to come, but I have to get the time to go there also.