Visit at SSC - Swedish Space Corporation
Some people at STAR whent out to Rymdbolaget or the Swedish Space Corporation SSC for a visit.

Quote SSC:

VIKING was launched on February 22, 1986 to study the acceleration region of auroral particles. It was Sweden's first satellite and also helped SSC and other Swedish industry get started in the art of building satellites. For more information go to the VIKING page.
Quote SSC:

FREJA was launched on October 6, 1992, designed to continue the research started by VIKING. It was the first satellite to make high resolution measurements in the upper ionosphere and lower magnetosphere of the auroral zone. For more information, pictures and movies go to the FREJA page
This is Ove, standing infront of the comunications part of a huge comunications satelite called Sirius 2.
There was this huge photo in the roof, taken with Landsat if I remember right.
Model of the Ariane rocket, with our guide behind it.