Ed in Singapore - Report #6

Ed have helped me with the text.

Presenting TEAM AMG!!!
Very tricky course this time
Everyone is concentrating on the race
Guy with the blue cap is the only one racing the new Ferrari F40 shell
There you can Barely see Ed's yellow service AMG
Hehe, team NSX, only two of them. Most use AMG here in singapore
Alot of serious racers this time
Ed with the happy scratching dude from the last race
Just to show how small the Z is compared to a human foot
Very well seasoned Original Tiele AMG
Having Karaoke at Races is a very common sight in singapore
This two are few of the most promising RC super stars in singapore
Another pic to show how the Z compares to a human foot sizewise
Later in the race, the two AMGs behind would have hit the NSX and foreced it our of the race
Fast AMG, or slow camera speed.
Kenny the number one Z racer presenting the TQ to another great racer tom
Kenny and the C main champion, Jerry who drives an orange NSX
One of Ed's favourite racing pal, Mr ZY doing marshal duties