Ed in Singapore - Report #4

Got some pictures from Ed and the race that took place 14/9-2002

Ed have helped me whit that text.

This is ED! Happy dude =)
This is the race announcer
Safety car
This is ed's car coming up
Ed's car leaving, they call his car the red tank. Ed reinforced his autoscale with carbon fibre and is now hard as hell.

Since Ed has relocated the antennae at the front of the "Red Tank", it is more like a rhinoceros now!
One very fast CLK. The green devil they call it.
Last min changes I think.
Ed on the right and his friend kenny on the left. Kenny runs the track and shop
There are many happy dudes in singapore, this happy dude is scratching something... =P
Line up for one of the heats
Line up for annother heats
The transponder software
Another happy dude pic!!
Orange NSX, most race NSX and CLKs in singapore
Bare naked NSX
This car got first place in A mains, Best Lap and also TQ. Also happens to be kenny's car
Fast, fierce and FIRST
The green devil again, this car beat Ed's car.
Now a not so happy ed. hehhe
The fast and first again
Some spectators and a race marshall
Kenny in deep concentration
Everybody in deep concentration
I think that guy in white is trying to steal a car.
This guy drives the green CLK, second fasted car at the track
A race marshall concentrating, very serious race marshall
Ed trying to cheat by pulling the other dude's pants
Here comes the NSX, after this, the peugeot flips
There were 16 racers on that day, 5 to 6 cars per Mains
The skinny guy in white is good. He got A mains third
The prizes ed saw but couldnt touch, hehe
A mains 2nd place with the Race Girl of the track
B Mains 1st, also a national ice hockey player for singapore
Kenny the man with his race girl. A Mains 1st