SaH have been the project that I have been working on longest. I have been a member for about 2 years.
I started a team under the name Lets Kick Some Alien Butt! 24-02-2000. Since then the team have grown to ~150 people (10-6-2001). It's alot of fun, and I think it's a nice project. Not just becource Im a space/alien freak.

The best team out there!
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This project I just reacently started with. This project is more in to the medical, and to be honest with you "I am not completly sure what this project is all about". But I like to help and the ide that all data comeing out of the project is free for everyone.

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This project is simular to Genome@Home but they consentrate on canser. I'v been in this project as long as GaH.

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