Sci-fi Convention 27/10-2002

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So me and some friends went to the Sci-fi convention here in Stockholm.

Im very proud of this signed photo.
Me and Kenny "R2-D2" Baker =)

Link to making of Star Wars
Here he's signing my photo.
Peter (LKSAB)
Jeremy "Boba Fett" Bulloch
He's not mad, he was a nice joking kind of guy.
Back to the future car.
Back to the future part II paper that was in the movie.
Terminator 2 stuff.

Link to shop this stuff.
More Terminator 2 stuff.
Rutger Hauer
Replica of the weapon used in Aliens.
JonasN (LKSAB) and Peter
There was alot of signed photos that you could buy...
The kids were playing War Hammer.
Stockholm Trekkers was there.

And I tought that I was a geek...

Stockholm Trekkers homepage