Scaladagarna at Barkaby - 8-9/6-2002
OK, so I whent to look at the Scaladagarna at Barkaby. I was hoping to see more helicopters, but it was damn nice even though I dident see any helicopters in action.

This event was going on for two days. I was only there on the 8/6.
I do like thos jet planes
This dude had some problems with his Viggen.
Everyone was standing by to see it fire up.
But the plane started to burn, and the fire-extinguisher had like an mouthpiece that was going to spred the CO2, that mouthpiece had sealed so when they tryed to stop the fire the mouthpiece flew away and hit the plane. Thats why the plane is standing in another posision than in the prewius pictures. Finaly they did get the fire under controle.
Me! In my Kyosho T-shirt =)
My friend Johan at MFT was there and sold stuff. This Hornet is monted with colective pitch.
More planes
More planes
I can just imagin the work that have been put down on some of this models.
I like!
Here we can see the jet engine. The sound is asum! Just like the real thing.

To bad I dident get my digital camera when I was here. Then I would have taken some movies.