My Red Mercedes
I put some work in to this painting.

1. Started with peeling of all the decals that is preprinted on the Mercedes.
2. Removing all details like head lights, back lights, the start, windows and so on.
3. Masked the details that I could not take off.
4. Ground painted the whole car with gray metalic paint. Let it dry for one day.
5. Painted on the red candy paint. The candy pain is transparant, so the gray metalic coating shines through. Let it dry for one day.
6. Painted on the clear coating vannich (Klarlack på Svenska). Let is dry for one day. 7. Put all the details back. Done! :)
It's a little shame on the head lights, I was thinking of puting tinfoil underthem to make them shine more realistic, but I was stressed the last day, because it was race night the day after.

The only thing missing now is a par of nice rims.
This is what my new shiny car looks like after one night of racing. :(