To day it was this new dude's (Putte Fusk) time to design the track.
This track is very scuare, but it was fun to, and deffenetly way easyer to build.
We tryed something new. We made holes in the ends of the pipes and used "buntband" (the black things) to hold the pipes together. Worked realy good.
Where there was danger to run over the pipes we put extra pipes on top.
Thomas allways breakes his servo geers, and I allways have to have a picture of that. I think he starts to get anoid about it : ).
Me to the right, Curt in the middle and Curts brother Roger to the left.
Allways alot of talk. But thats nice to.
Had to get new cases to have my stuff in. : ) Was at a Swedish mall (OBS) and got this nice metall cases. The realy cool thing was that I got one gig or normal size, and when I came home this two once was inside. : )