9/8-2001- My Sixth Race.  
To day we made a new track. I did the design this time. Me and Rickard had worked on it for "houers" and when we fianaly was going to start Rickad was feeling sick. So Thomas had to drive him home, while Rickard was puking in the car.
Anyway, we soon started to race. Thomas goofing around as usual.
I dont know what I should say to this image.
This time we should have been seven of us racing, if Rickad had not been sick. Two of Thomas and Curres palls joined in.
This is one of the "new" guys. Humm... Cant remeber his name right now dough.
It's easy to run over the ralings when we use this pipes, and if you do you have to drive around or drive over the pipe again where you drove over.
I think I see the track more easaly if I stand on a chair.
Heres the whole track.
I have no ide... Thomas kid in the back looks like he's possessed or something. : )