2/8-2001- My Fifth Race.  
Thomas got his kid Linus with him to day. It was realy fun becource each time we raced you could see Thomas car go some place it should not. Then we knew that Linus had grabbed the antenna of Thomas controle. :) The car whent mad.
Well, by this time you probly know that we like to race kind of hard. So we end up breaking all our bodys. This time I broke 3 of them and Rickard one or two. So it was nice to have some spare once.
We now have this "new" place to run at. Thomas have a space close to him that we rent for a resnoble price. So we whent and bought a nice carpet. DAMN that realy costed like $250 with the pipes. Anyway it's nice to have that. We can take that with us when we want to race some other place. Anyway... This carpet is the same as Rickard have in his outdoor room that we have raced at some times. But we flipped it over and run on the other side. DAMN nice... We had to put on our hard tiers.
     Thomas car has broken down as usual.
We are going to try to practise every week from now on. We probly going to change the cource each time. Until we find a good one that we are all happy with.
We are allso going to try to replace all the wood pices to this pipes. The wood realy can mess up your car. This track is so fast so one little misstake can flip you over 20 times, and then you dont want a hard wooden thing there.
One evenings consumption of batterys. Well, that no true becource we started to race with our recharging batterys.