Race 4 - 26/7-2001

This time we came up with some new "games" to play.
1. We race'd like we use to. Built a track that was simular to the one we had last time. First we tryed out a new track, but that did not work very well. So..

2. When we normaly race and someone flipes over there car we say STOP, and you can go out on the track and flip your car over again, but this time we tryed to run as safe as you could. If you car fliped over you where out.
everyone started to run realy smoth. ;)

3. We came up with this new "game" (Race and Hunt). There where five of us, so one of us was going to race around the track five laps under 2 minuters, and he had one bodygard. All the other was going to make it as hard for him as possible. So if you look at the video clip of a race where it looks like no one can drive, well thats it.

OK, here we go

Cars racing this time: Honda S2000 | BMW | Audi TT | Porsche | Nissan Skyline

Movie - 1 2:31 minuters - This is a movie clip from our Race and hunt "game"  
Movie - 2 2:26 - Red Porsche it trying to run 5 laps under 2 minuters  
Movie - 3 0:14 - Something have to be wrong. Im going to look in to it  
Movie - 4 1:08 - Black BMW is making it all way around  
Movie - 5 0:12 - ?? ?? ?? ??  
Movie - 6 0:48 - Geek talk  
Movie - 7 1:24 - Red Porsche it trying to run 5 laps under 2 minuters. All the others try to stop him  
Movie - 8 1:46 - Black BMW is trying to run 5 laps.  
Movie - 9 1:15 - Blue TT, trying his 5 laps. Yellow Honda is helping him  

We tryed to make a new track. We wanted to have one bridge and one tunnel at the same time. But the bridge became to tall, so the cars had problem coming up.
This is another think that we tryed out. But that to was a failure. The railing was to short so we drove over the side. But it was a nice tought.
We are still building up the cource. It's almost like last time.
     Always when we get together to race, we endup working with the cars alot. Maby thats why we drive/play this ruff games. Anyway, on my Nissan Skyline the spoiler at the front was making the car stick to the carpet after a bump. And the Skyline's fron started to breake almost directly after I started to run. It's way to frigile.
So I took a carpet knife and trimed it of.
Thomas is always having problems with his car. At the office he ran in to a wall to fast and to hard so his servogeers broke. Lycky him you can buy them by them selfs, and they are not that expencive.
Curre got some use for his Plam. All the frequences that we have.
     This is from one of the race and hunt games. Curres red porsche is well corned in. :) Hes not going anyware.
Line up. Start your engens!
We got hold of some of this "spunge" tires. But they are to big for the mini-z cars. You have to cut out the weel houses more if you gona use them. But that dident stop Thomas to try them out. It's impossible to have the cassie in it's normal possition so it's standing up in the tail like a dragracer.
I have no ide...