Race Night 6/2-2003

So I finaly get my tumb out my ass and go to the track again. I still dont have a car that works, but I tought it could be fun to have a look anyway. + I have some people bugging me about to little updates nodays...
Was not that many people there today. Maby 10, so everyone could rida at the same time. No problem.
Custom colors
It looked like everyone had problems with there cars to night. ?
This new dude FLaMMiE's also had problems with his streaing.
His original Supra body.
FLaMMiE's and Supra-Joor. New guys that I never seen befor. But I probly talked to them on the web.
Supra-Joor's bag of toys. I like the built in battery chargers.
Supra-Joor's car.
He had problems aswell. But with the motor.
He buildt in lights.
The track is starting to look worn at some places. The curb is new and have not been painted yeat.
Matte and Jimmy.
Jimmy always have to be special. =)
Jimmys nice F1
Dont know about the OK/Q8...
Matte's NSX in action.
Matte's NSX