Race Night 14/11-2002

- Div

- 4.4 MB

- DivX 5.02


OK, so the new capacitor at 1µ is on place.
GPM is trying to be secret about what FET's they are useing...
Some very nice person have put up some fine art on the wall. =)
This dude have made his own damper.
Someone is happy about his new car.
I dont know what the safty regulations say about this...

Hes useing the MZ039-GPM Motor
Team pimp racing =)
With my 16 pin geer that I use for my HPI Micro RS4, he came up to 40 Km/h, and that's not bad.
Epoxy have got the superduper turbo-kit from Dinball.
The six FET chips are stacked on top of eachother 2x3 on the internal board.
They are also very secret about what kind of chips they use. Could be the 3006-MOS FET 3006 chip, but Im not sure.
That internal turbo with the PNS01 motor he came up to 35 Km/h and that is not bad. Befor the topspeed have been around 27 Km/h.
Here we tryed it with my 16 pin geer.
=) came up to 42 Km/h. =) Have a lock at the movie at the top of this page.
What have we said about driving with the body of?
Also broke the servo geer.
It was fun this evening.
Jimmy got some new motors from USA, that he was planing to use for his F1 car. They are not allowed to use turbo on thos. But with this motor it became to much on our track...
I have to get back to you all about what you can find this motor, I just cant remember right now.
YES - AMD Rules!