Turbo Problem?

Got a new Twin Turbo from GPM. Much smaller than the last one.

But I got the same problem as many befor me have had. After installing the turbo the car get all kind of strange spasm. The front wheels is flipping back and forht when you go from revers to ahead.
Well, the solution to all your problems is this little capacitor, on this picture it's the wrong size! It should be about 1µ.

It should be connected between the negative pole that comes from the battery and the negative pole that comes from the "motor-output" in the car. You can not put a long cord to it and connect it directly to the motor-output and the battery negative pole. The cord will "eat" up the effect of it.
This is the best way to do it.

You would think that someone eals would have tought about this...
You can also put a capacitor between the + and - on the motor like this to minimize it more. I started to try only this but that did not help. So you can not only do this. This is just a extra filter.
It should work on all motors.
This dude have built his own turbo. Works damn nice to. =)
After I cut open the cover on my new GMP turbo we could see that the design was almost the same.
Here is his version of the capacitor on the motor. This dude is also the electrical wiz that came up with all this capacitor things.