Competition Night 20/10-2002

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So it's competition night. =)

Mini-Z Classic and F1
Mini-Z's racing 100 laps in the final.

I took first place =)
Im in pool position =)
Tires collection is starting to get big.
Dont charge your 700mA cells on 3 Amps.
They melt!
This is the mini-z case that you can buy in your local hobby shop. Nicely cut out for ever thing.
Someones toolbox.
Yes Curt, it's nice with hotdogs.
Here is an old versin of the "mini-z", well it's not a mini-z at all but a alternitive from Tamiya. Came some 10 years ago.
Hevy as hell, but with a big motor. So it had some speed...
It use 7.2V cells.
Runs on the 75MHz band, witch is not aloud here in Sweden... 72MHz is the Polic connection central... Humm...
Tire lathe machine.
Ties done.
Not that offen we have girls racing with us. Normaly there are some girls wating for there kids, but they dont race.
Finaly this dude have got his body ready.