Race Night 10/10-2002

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- DivX 5.02

My digi-cam can only take 30 seconds movie clips at a time, so that's why I never get a whole race...

Wide tires one thin rims. Works damn greate. Dont have the tirest stick out to much though. Then you breake your steering servo.
Thin (but wide) wheels back.
Not cray many people this evening, but to many for us all to race at one time. So we raced F1 separet and mini-z classic separet.
Had the counting system on to day. I got down to 8:39 sec. Not that bad.
This pic is not staged, it just happend.
We put up some old mini-z tires in places that realy could hurt our cars.
Also put in two new obstacle to make the track abit harder.
Jimmy looks troubled.
I realy tryed to get a pic of "happy dude" in another expression than this. But it's impossible.
This was not hard...