Race Night 3/10-2002

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Yes, I know it says the wrong date in the movie.
But I dont have the strengt to change it.

ALOT of people show this day. We where so many that we had to split up the race in to street cars and F1.

Normaly we all run at the same time.
Some new dudes came that found my webpage... Always fun with new friends.
Some old Västberga dudes showed up =)
Looks good.
Think Im going to call you happy dude from now on...

Perra sleeping in the background.
Some 1:10 cars this evening to.
My new blue Mercedes =)
This car was brand new, he had not even got the body yeat. But that cant stop us form giving it a spin.
I just love this dudes antenna. It's an SCSI cable =)

And it works to!
Perra and Peter always makes spoilers that is imposible to stick to the cars.