9/6-2001- My Third Race, second that day.  
Suterday 9/6

I found this crazy dudes in Södertälje on the net, that was going to have a race that suterday. I asked if I could join in, but it was for internal dudes only. But I naged on them and finaly it was ok. :) Well, it was not that serius like it sound, they was realy nice.
Anyway, They divided us in to two "categorys". One that have race'd at that track befor and one that never been there, so it would be more evan. Later they took the winners at both "categorys" and had a final race.
Here we race 10 laps. I had some serius problems whit the track at first. I had race'd all day at another carpet so it was hard to get the feeling for it.
I came in at last place the two first race's. Started to get a hang for the carpet so third race I came in at third place and the last race I came in second. I probly get hold of the data-scheets later.
     All geeks at one place :)