Race Night 26/9-2002

- Div

- 21.3 MB

- DivX 5.02

Quiet night, not that many people showed up, but it was alot of fun anyway.
Peter is back from a long summer with frisbee golf.
I love this pictures. Show some diffrent kind of style's of standing when a race take place.

1. Bend your knee, and hold the radio with the wrong hand...
2-3. Be amazed about the fourth style.
4. Take it real easy.
Always realy happy!
Roblin got a new front stabilizer set.
He tought he got a whole new car.
Frecuency's. Pick the "clothespeg" with your number when you come and you be sure that no one eals race with the same frecuancy.
Peter race in the opposite direction than all others.
Dident work out that greate...
Lots of old Västberga dudes.
Pizza racer
Ragger racer...
I had so much problems with my other car so I got a new car. Did everything right from the begining on this one.

Put in two servo connectors to be used for the turbo and the transponder.
Built a scroling text box, but the flash totaly removed the text.