Race Night 22/9-2002

- 1:10 Race

- 7.5 MB

- DivX 5.02

Race night again. DAMN, now it's race two times a week, dont have time to much eals. Broke only one servo geer this evening.
Dont know, but it looks like the dude behind the case is saying:

-OK, do you want one or two grams?
Richard is back after a looong break from the sceen.
Richards gold Mercedes.
Perra got a new body, a Ferrari. But he keep draging all his old bodys back and forth to the track...
I put a servo conector between my transponder and the batterys, so I can disconnect it when we race without the counting system.
Some action on the 1:10 track to day.
Perra had his 1:10 car with him to day. Worked nice. Have a look at the movie at the top...