Race Night 19/9-2002

- 5.4 MB

- DivX 5.02

Kim's back after a busy summer with the 1:6 trucks.
Kim's new car, think he got him self a sponsor...
Jens AKA Tysken is also back. =)
Some are more happy then others...
Alot of people this evening.
Total chaos on the track.
This is always a problem when alot of people want to race at the same time.
Perra. He's expecting in 2 mounth...
As usual I tend to break something every time. This evening my steering geer broke.
Always the same one that breaks.
The grass tend to stick to everything.
Especialy the cars.
Curt had problems with his transponder.
The number to the right (top right 133) is how many times the tracking system count the transponder when the car goes over the cable under the track.
Controle box
Backside of the controle box
Cable splits up in two smaller cables in to a loop.
Underside of the track, the "loop".
I mounted my transponder over the stering. So did Curt, but he had alot of problems. We have not figured that one out yeat.
The F1 dudes put there transponder in the nosecone.