YES! It's race again.

Alot of people showd up today, and I like!

People that was there:
Jens - Uffe - Richard - Kim - Curt - Peter - Perra - Johan - Rikard - Roger - Hasse - Me
Jens had a new toy with him today. It's a 1/10 electrical car. 4WD, damn fast. Think we got a stone in the geer here.
Jens car
Jens car.
Hasse's car.
Favorite track right now.
We like this track so we have used that design for the last cuple of times.
Curts car
It's nice that not everyone have the same colors on there cars. In the begining when everyone had Mercedes'es, they where all gray or black.
10 cars on the line up. Most Mercedes'es.
Curt got some new rims and tires for his car. Looks damn nice.
Peter broke of his carbon H-bar. Oups...
Me... Joan
Kim, with his totaly broken down body. DAMN!
Johan (MFT)
Now this is coooool!
This dude Johan from MFT joined us this race hight, and he had some cool toys with him.
This is a samll camera that is wireless. It's mounted on the roof of an Audi TT. Check out his site for more info.
The camera is sending the image to a resiver that is hocked up to the videocamera. It was realy cool looking at the monitor when he drove around the track. I hope I get hold of a mpeg of that movie soon.
The black threads that is going through the body is just there to protect the camera if it car would flip over.
Alot of toolboxes :)