9/6-2001 - My Second Race
Suterday 9/6
Me and some friends at work whent out to a dude in Stäket. We started to build a track in his outerroom where he had this nice green carpet. We took al material from his garage.
Start up you engines
I want to race but Thomas probly had to fix something that took alot of time.
     Thoms car broke down totaly. It started to smell and smoke came out of his car. Have no ide if it's posible to get just the sercits for the car?
     We modifyed the track as the day passed, but it's realy fun when the track is not very wide.
     End curve whit two jumps.
     Here we have put in a "cicane", and some more wood to make the track even thiner.
     Stunt cars :) The blue TT is up in the air.
     It's amazing that the cars allways end up on there wheels, even is this image show that they probly would end up all over the place.
     This is the track from top view, I see that I missed the "cicane".