Race night again. Yeah!

People present: Me, Perra, Curt, Kim, Hasse, Roblin, Jens (aka Tysken).
I think we have found a track that we all like. Think this is going to be the track that we are going to ride for some time.
OK, someone have to take driving lessons.
I dont know if it's Perra or Roblins NSX. Perra finaly got him self a new body. Did he get an Mercedes like we told him to.. Noooo.. Im gona go with the NSX that flips over evey 2 meters. :)
I have had so much problems with my can I dont know where to start.
There are something wrong with the stearing. If I turn the wheel max to ex. the right, and slowly turn it back to the center, the wheels are flipping like hell and then comes to a halt. But then they are more jumpy than normal. All mini-z have a little itchy front wheels when they just standing there. But this is not normal. The damn wheels is making max left and right all over the place.
So I tryed everything, and I mean everything. Nothing helped. So I switched to my other car, and I think I have to use this car as an spair parts car. :(
Curt is almost driving on the rim...

Well used tires!

I like it when the tires are like this, but unfortunaly they dont stick to the rim in this condition. So it's just to get new once and learn to drive a "new" car, because that what it feels like after new tires.
Dont know, maby it's Hasse's fully bag of toys.
As we concluded before the NSX's front breake very easly. Perras ner body did also break right away, so he come up with some ide's of his own to fix this problem.

The problem looks to be that the body is to long so the front peace is not all the way in to the slot in the front of the body. This makes it very tender if you hit something. Perra put this metallic pice on to make this body more fit. It's hard to explain, so I did a skiss below. Dont know if it helps.

OK, I try explain again.
Normaly the front body lock plate goes all the way in to the body, but it does not do that on the NSX. So when you run in to a wall the lock plate hit's the body from the inside and pushes it out, and ckracks it.

To fix this problem Perra have filled out the space with plasticpadding. Not on the image above, that was only a temp solution. We think that can help prevent this. ? Cant get worse anyway.