Race competition in Botkyrka MK
Finaly I got the pictures from this race. Putte probly reinstalled his computer about 100 times betwine I got them and the race.
Anyway, this is so long ago, so I cant remember when it was. I do knwo it was sometime under 2001.

This race took place at Botkyrka MK. They started a competition that was going to last for sometime. This was the first race, but we took our points with us through all the races.

I never heard anything about a second race, so I dont know if it continued?
The track was far from perfect.
We started on a carpet and whent over to a tarpaulin kind of material, and finaly over to a plastic floor.
Everything exept the carpet was slippery as hell. The sides was foamplastic material. If you hit that your car would do a 90 degree turn and stand sideways. Not that good.
Yeah yeah yeah, I know...
Alot of people showed up and that was fun.
The secretariat is working to figure out who realy won.
Well, Our Putte fusk did win the race. :) Yehaa!
I dont remember the names of the two other dudes.
They look happy.