Well, it's race time again.
Roblin drew the track to day.
From left to right:
Roblin - Kim - Hasse - Roger - Perra
We put tape in the carpets joints.
Hasse basse
Nice work Hasse...
And if you look over here you can see...
I told you to step on the tape, so it does not come of during the race...
-OK, Hasse.
-This is the tape.
You take a pice like this...
This picture is cool. I like it. It have alot of speed in it.
We have alot of pictures looking like this.
The camera is so slow, so all the cars have left the picture when the camera is snapping.
Roblins NSX
Jens is doing something
This is classic. Someone lose a screw or something on the track during a race, and now everyone have to find it.
It's a nice little game we play every time. :)
Can it be here?
...Oh, so that's where the batterys goes...
Perra still looking for his screw.

Kim: -Hasse, did you know that the batterys goes here?
Hasse: "#*%!"!"???