So it's race night again.

Perra the Solna dude Hangaren, took some images. Well I took most of them, but with his camera.
Yeah I know. My Mercedes looks like shit. But that's what it looks like if you cant keep your hands of the black marker pen.
When someone come up to you and say:
-Hey buy a mini-z they only cost ~1500 SKr.
They are lying. This is just some of the extra thing you will have after some driving.
I have to stop colecting tires, and start using them. But when do you use hard tiers? It's hard tires in the front, soft in the back and medium to the right. Got to have some spair rims to...
My new options are in place.
Fully ecuiped car... Well, almost anyway.
Humm... Someone's circety have burned. Just beside where the antenna cable should be. The car dident mide, because it still goes fine. So that component was probly not nesseserly.
More pictures of my new options from GPM.
This carges are nice. Get them at Jula, NOT at Claes Ohlson. Check the price first...
This body have taken it's beatings.
After I got my new options from GMP, I could not use my Kyosho options any more. The Roll shock kit would probly fit, but I took it of for now.
More peoples extra tool boxes.
More peoples extra tool boxes.
More peoples extra tool boxes.
More peoples extra tool boxes.
Perra broke his body for the 100 time.
This new dude came along today, he got the new NSX car. :)
Looks damn nice.
Here we can see the problem with the NSX body. It's clearly to week. This is the result after half a nights raceing. It's already starting to crack up in the front where the circles maked "2" is.

Another thing that is realy stupid with the NSX is that when you have turned the wheels all the way to the right or left, it's so small space betwine the wheels and the light thing in the body show'n in the circle maked "1". So when the car is using it's "dampers" the wheel bumps in the body and stops spinning.
Got something extra in there?