Race 12 - 22/11-2001
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OK, here we go again.
New track that Curre drew. Damn nice one!
Phototime, look here guys!

I dont get it, in Kyosho's papers it says "For best view, have the track on a table".
How can that improve you sight? I want to be as high as possible so I can see the whole track at once.
We start to get to many Mercedes bodys, so we have to come up with some way to tell them apart.
I always liked my Viper, so I took of all the preprinted crap and drew some viper lines on it.
Jens - AKA "Tysken" (The German). He looks happy.
We had to take some corney images like this one. :)
If you wounder about the cone on my roof, it's some experementing. Tought it would help when I fliped over on the roof. It does not help that much, but it's easyer for other people to flip me back on track.
And it's almost X-mas so it's a santa claus hat to.
This picture take the price for corneyness. :)
Putte Fusk's Viper.
Putte Fusk's Viper.
That car have taken alot of beeting. He is still on his first body. I think Im on my 6th.
Roger's Mercedes.
Curre's Mercedes. He is so afraid of his star at the hud, so he clued it on place.
Kim starts to pack things up.