6/6-2001 - My First Race :)
Last night me and some friends from work, and a bunch of other extremly cool dudes got together for a race.
This guys over at DMR Consulting invited us to come over, so we did. Of cource!
Anyway.. This is Curre and one of the dudes that workes at DMR before start, tobad we dident bring our own beer. ;) DONT DRINK AND DRIVE DUDES!
Just warming up. One crazy dude had put leds in his red Porsche.

I had never droven on a carpet before so that was a new nice'er feeling.
One sets of cars. We had problems whit the frequenceses, so unfortunately we could not all run at the same time.
     Have to fix lights to my Viper as well. :) Looks damn cool.
     This is the jump. We put a pice of carbon paper after the jusmp so the cars would not stop when they hit the carpet.
     Ahaa, dont step on the cars!!! Actualy this is Porsche free style :)
     There was lots of Porsche's and lots of Viper's. People whit taste... Only The Chief got a Audi TT.
     Rickard is "mecking" with one of his tree cars.
     FOUL. The blue orange Viper do a "tjuvstart".
     The Chief is very consantrated driving. Curre and Mats is fiddeling and poking eyes.
     There was alot of talk and no action, but that was nice to.
     Audi TT in action.
     Thsi is the "new" Roll Shock Kit. You have to put silicon oil in the dampers. Have to get my self one of thos. :)
Almost everyone had there cars fully equiped. But that did not matter that much. We who had all this extra cool stuff was lying on our roof more than the standard cars, so that made it very even.
     Slater. ne dude crached his car just before we arived. Then it's good to know that everyone that have left the office and left there cars behind can be used for spar parts.. Hehehe.. Have not head what happend the day after yet. :)