10-19/8-2001- Öland - Kalmar.  
Fianaly I got a chance to try out the car I started to build some time ago. I gave this car to my dad for his 60 year birthday.
I can tell you that it's alot of diffrence from the smal Mini-Z cars that I usaly race.
We hade some problems with the car. It stoped for no reson at all. But we dident know what to do. Then later someone told us to turn down the fule and that helped. The car was getting to much. But it's not easy to know that when you never had one of this cars before.
The car is back wheel driven 2WD. That was not so nice, becource if you stand "still" and turn to much the car will just stand spinning around and around. Another thing is that the turns get realy long.
Now we talking! Me and my dad whent in to Kalmar to race with some dudes that had race'd nitro cars a little longer. This is very strange, becource I never meet them befor, but afterawild it turned out to be people that I had spoken to via mail about Mini-Z cars. : ) It's a small world!
Anyway, they all had 1/10th Scale 4WD Nitro Powered Touring Car and it was then I real figued out how boring "my" 2WD car was. That car was realy fun untill I saw this once.
Yeah, yeah yeah, I know this picture sucks... But it's cars in action.
Dad had alot of fun anyway. : )
So fun that he ran in to the wall on the other side of the track. Totaly broke the front and the wheel front suspension and gas pipe. So no more driving that day.
But that it nothing to this. This guys car lost his crystal in the car during a race, so the car whent mad and drove in full speed in to a steel container.
At first glance it dident look to have damage the car that much. Mostly the body, but that is plastic and the gas pipe whent off.
But soon we saw that the screws had jumped out of place and the hole's was like 1.5 cm of place. We saw that the base plate had been bend't from the crash.
Not everyone had new cars. This dude had a car from the early 80's. Where you had to start the car with this big motor that is under the car in this picture. But it worked fine.
Well, after the car crashed I whent in to town and got a real car. :)
1/10th Scale 4WD Nitro Powered Touring Car
This time it's a Doge Viper, looks damn meen! And runns like a lightning.
Much smaller then the last one, but damn much more fun!
Got some nice images from my friends down in Kalmar.

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More images from Kalmar
More images from Kalmar