Night Vision Scope

My problem is that this night vision scope have been lying unused for to long, so it does not work anymore. But when I open it up I saw the problem. Sevral cables was lose, and I dont know where they should go.

This is the tube with the electronic mounted on top. The large thing (white) on top is incased in silicon. I think it's the high-voltage pack. Some one told me that it's generating something like 10,000V

Do you want to know how a night vision scope works?
This tube is where the batterys goes. Two standard AA batterys.
The short cable have to go to the resistor (look at picture above), because it does not reach to any thing eals.
Click here to get a bigger version on the blueprint.
Here is one of my problems. But it's nice that I can see where one of the cables have been.
Must be a resistor at 68K ohm...
One of the transistors. 4BB4.

I dont know what leg is Collector-Emitter-Base
I have no ide what the large green box is.
The smaller transistor.

I dont know what leg is Collector-Emitter-Base
Must be a capacitor at 33n F.
This is the UV light. Probly a diode? Act like on if I measure it.
Well, I followed my feeling and put back all the cables as I figured, and whala. =) It works again. This is my crapy computer.
It was not total darkness in the room.
My Lego.