Building new gaming system - AMD 2800 Barton - Watercooled

Got the "waterbox"/tank from Elfa
The goldish nut's came from a plumbershop
Started drilling small holes and the made the larger with a sandstone "drill" to make the holes prefect.
The white stuff on the "screw" is a tape that plumber use to tighten the threads.
Also put on a rubber gasket.
To be extra safe, I put on some silicon.
Put on silicon here to.
Sprayed the inside and the lid with this plasticspray to prevent corotion of the box material.
Befor sealing the box, I put on alot of silicon on the edges.
And outside aswell.
Here is a hole going to be for the pump 220V cable.
Rubber gasket to prevent the cable to breake on the sharp edges.
Dont forget to vacume the inside of the case befor puting in the MB and shit.

Asus A7N8X Deluxe
Came with the MB.
Heatsinks on the nVidia chipset
It has to go, because I already got the waterblock for it...
Graphics card:

ATI Radeon 9700 PRO, 128MB DDR.
Heatsinks with fan, have to go...
It was alittle bit shaky to remove this heatsinks, because even tought I had removed the plastic clips that hold it in place, the heatsinks was stuck to the CPU hard, and I dident know how much force I could put on it or if there was something else holding it together.
But it was the cooling paste that hold it so tight.
Graphics card.

AMD Barton 2800+ runs at 2.083GHz
The hose I got was alittle to large so I had to use some tools to screw on the nipples that hold them in place. Thats why I conected everything first and then put them in place.
The waterblockes I got was:

Chipset & Graphics card: INNOVAGRAPH-O-MATIC VGA/NB
Removed the backplate of the Chieftec case and let the powersupply rest on the bottom plate inside the case. Then the radiator fits perfectly ontop, and I dont need to make some new holes in the case side.

Fan: PAPST FAN 120CM 26dB
Put in staffthread to make a shelf for the watertank.

EHEIM 1048
The hoses goes like this:

-> Radiator
MB Chipset
Graphics card
Radiator ->
Started filling the system with distilled water, but I ran out of it so I took normal tap water, and I also put in alittle of this antialgefluid.
To be extra safe I put silicon on the pump aswell.
More than I need of every thing.
Found the floppy from an old computer. Do people still use thos things?
Hard drive:

Seagate Barracuda V, 80 GB.

More than I need for a computer that only going to have Battlefield 1942 on it...
Also put a silent 80mm fan infront of the HD.

Fan: PAPST 80mm 1500rpm 12dB.
To get the most out of the memory and the dual channels, I got 2x256MB PC 3200 memorys.
To prevent that the hot air that comes out of the powersupply going back in through the radiator. Im leading the hot air away from the computers.
This looks much better then what I resonly got.
What my old system did look like.