My old Amiga. =)

I still have it!
     Målle does not like his travelbox...
     Our cat, Målle.
     Målle again.
     Got a nice wall clock, in the old style. Where the numbers change like this big displays that use to be at the airports.
     This is my work place. Got to have a nice desk souronding so you feel at home.
Im on my way.
     This is my former work place live. They have a webcam that they move around so I dont know whats on it right now.
     This is just me trying to promore my SETI team in the Crete sand.
     Målle, he is lying on his back alot. =)
     Målle, invading my hardware.
     YES, I colect movies.
     Had to do something about my desk... Dont know if it's better this way. I miss alla my screens.
     Målle is looking at the squirrels.