Football & Sumo 8/6-2001
At my office, we dont have any good floor. The hole office is coverd in wooden floor and it's damn slippery to run at.
So we have come up whit some other things we can do when we have to "race".
There are two basic idees. This is fotball. In one of the rooms we have a carpet that is fairly big, so we place cans as gools in each end and a "stress" ball that is heavy for the "fotball". Well. Game on. :)

The other game is SUMO. It's pretty easy. Knock all the other cars of the carpet. It takes alot of beating on the cars, but you can do as Thomas at my work do it. He do the sunday drive and hope all others will drive of the carpet by accident when we try to hit him.
Like always it's more fun the more people you are.
We played two against one, and it's ok.
We tryed this game out whit a normal tennis ball, but it's not that good. The ball will roll of to easy. This stress ball was perfect. It's heavy and dont roll that easy. I think it's filled whit silicon.