Mini-Z #2


My Viper body broke down. One of the plastic pinns that hold the body in place by the battery broke of. I have glued it back in place but I dont know if it will hold.
     Anyway, I was fast to the shop and got my self a new body. This time I got a Nissan Skyline. It was not painted, so I had the chans to select any color I wanted.
     I picked the only one they had that was metallic :) It's hard to say witch color it is. It shift in blue/green.
     How I did it

1. I was very careful to clean the body with washing-up liquid to get all grease of.

2. Glued on the spoiler at the back.

3. Painted the body tree times with the metallic coating.

4. Cut out all the decals and put them in place.

5. Put on the front and back lights.

6. I was very careful not touching the top of the body when I put on the decals, but I had to clean it alittle bit any way.

7. Put on the varnish, enamel, lacquer call it what ever you like, the color less paint. Put on tree layers of that.
     I think the result became more that nice. It's like on a real car. You can even see the smal structure in the coating on the hood in this image.
     All the decals and lights got a nice look after the varnish was on, so I can very much recomend to put it on.
     At the same time as I got the new body I got this roll shock kit. Starting to get tight in the back now.
     Another angle.
     Got a new antenna last week. I think it's normal steel tread of the thick kind.
     Tryed to get a nice flair in the coating...
     Here is something that I have think about. The wheelnuts got scrached on the inside after some driving, so I tought that maby they should be the other way around. I dont know if this is right or if I did it wrong at first. But it looks like they should be the opposit way than they are in this image. Every image I have seen of cars using wheelnuts in metall have them the other way around.

Anyway, this is my conclusion.
The nut is pressing on to the hole bearing side and therefor pressing against both the part that is moving and the part that is still or spinning in the other direction.
So I have turned the nut around so the thin part of the nut is pressing agains just the inner bearing cylinder.
Like I said I dont know if this is the right way or the wrong way. But I think the wheels are turning better now.